Osanna Sax

Osanna Sax is a guarantee of the professional, stylish and bright sounding of your event!

6 FACTS about Osanna Sax

  • Osanna has been playing the saxophone since 10 years. She has a degrees by class piano, composition, classical vocal. She’s
    Laureate of many Ukrainian and International competitions.
  • Osanna has a Master’s degree from the National musical Academy of Ukraine by Tchaikovsky. Graduated from post-graduate course. She’s a lecturer in Glier Kyiv Municipal academy of Music.
  • Ex-member of the Freedom-Jazz girls band, participant of the stateleading TV shows shootings, such as: Stars' Factory 2, 3, 4, Night Kiev, and many others.
  • She toured more than 10 countries: France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Sri-Lanka, Russia, Belarus, Moldova and many others.
  • A member of duo "Nati Reznik&Osanna Sax", co-creator of the project "ARTINSIDE show".
  • She works with Dj‘s, in duo with vocal, violin, piano, harp, guitar.
It was a desire to join all her musical skills together that resulted in the More Than Just Sax Project.
More than just Sax
This duo beautifies any event, from a small private dinner to a grand celebration on the big stage. The repertoire of the duo consists of a huge amount of popular songs: from the old hits of the Golden Hollywood to the modern Spanish and international singles.

The duo offers two types of performances: elegant chamber lounge music (acoustic piano and sax), or more movable option (piano, sax and playback) that makes relaxed and dancing atmosphere.
Osanna & Yulia duo.
Sax and grand piano
It is a mix of quality, sexuality, trade music and stylish cover versions from the 80-th hits to the actual top charts. Their feminine duet of flirting saxophone and skittish vocal makes up absolutely new, fresh, professional music product, that is aimed to change your impression about a weaker sex.

By common efforts, girls expose their talent in different musical directions, from fashion direction, such as Lounge, Euro-Pop, Deep House-Music, to retro music consisting of soviet and international golden hits of 70-80-90th, and some popular hits of Ukrainian and Russian music.
Nati Reznik&Osanna Sax Duo — temptation by music
Art Inside Show is an adaptive and mobile dinner show co-authored by Osanna.

A performance that mixed different types of art, the most vivid emotions, secret desires and fantasies.
ART INSIDE show — the art inside every one of us!
Also Osanna works with DJ’s and in different duo: vocal, violin, piano, harp, guitar.
Duo to your preferences
When music and style combine in one person.
When elegance is highlighted by natural beauty.
Performance you will never forget!
Osanna Sax is a guarantee of the professional, stylish and bright sounding of your event!
Osanna Sax – More than just Sax Promo
Osanna Sax & Yulia Medvedeva
Bam Bam - Osanna Sax cover
Nati Reznik & Osanna Sax Promo
Senorita - Osanna Sax & Piano Cover
Art Inside Show Promo
Osanna Sax & DJ Alena Rosa – Cola
Nati Reznik & Osanna Sax – New dance show
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